Patients FAQs

Do I need private medical insurance to access the services of the Cambridge Heart Clinic?

No. We offer special prices for patients funding their own treatment.

Has the Cambridge Heart Clinic had any known cases of MRSA?

No. There have been no known cases of MRSA at the Cambridge Heart Clinic. We routinely screen patients for MRSA prior to admission and follow strict hygiene procedures. The use of single occupancy rooms also minimises any risks.

Does the standard of care provided to self-pay or insured patients differ?

No. There is no difference whatsoever.

Are NHS patients also seen in the Cambridge Heart Clinic, and if so, how does their treatment differ?

Yes. NHS patients undergo procedures in our cardiac catheter laboratories as this is an efficient way to use the catheter laboratories, allowing us to keep our costs down. The care provided by the Cambridge Heart Clinic is of the same high standard, regardless of who is paying for the treatment. There will, however, be differences in the non-clinical services provided. For example, private patients will always be guaranteed a single ensuite room with hotel services, whereas NHS patients will share a multi-bedded, recovery area. Other differences are that all NHS inpatients return to their NHS ward after their cath lab procedure and only private patients are admitted overnight to the Cambridge Heart Clinic.

Are NHS patients seen in the Cambridge Heart Clinic for outpatient investigations?

No. The Regent’s Park outpatient suite in the Cambridge Heart Clinic is only for the use of private patients. NHS patients requiring outpatient investigations are seen in the main Addenbrooke’s Hospital outpatients department.

How do I pay for my treatment?

If you are settling your own account then you will normally be required to make a payment before treatment. The hospital accepts all major credit cards, cash and personal cheque with a banker’s card. A passport must support travellers cheques.

Can I pay over the telephone?

If for any reason you are not able to settle the account on the day of treatment then you may telephone our finance department on 01223 349349 during the hours of 9 am and 5 pm.

Where do I send my payment?

For postal payments please make your cheque payable to the ‘Cambridge Heart Clinic’, not forgetting to write your hospital number on the back of the cheque and send to:

Cambridge Heart Clinic
Finance Manager
Mailbox 263
Addenbrooke’s Hospital
Hills Road

What about consultants fees?

Medical fees relating to specialist consultations and treatment are usually included in our charges. In some circumstances, your consultant will require you to settle these directly with them.

Will my medical insurance cover me?

Your insurance companies will need you to contact them before coming into the Cambridge Heart Clinic. They may allocate a claim number or authorisation number and issue you with a claims form for you to hand over to the consultant for his signature. You may have limits on your policy, or excesses that you need to check out first.

It is vital that you confirm cover before you commit yourself to the bill. Full insurance details must be given to the hospital registration staff at or before the time of treatment for direct settlement. While the hospital will invoice your insurance company or sponsor directly, it is your responsibility to ensure that claims are processed promptly. Should insurers, sponsors or guarantors decline or delay payment, you will be invoiced for immediate settlement.

What if my company is settling my account?

Cambridge Heart Clinic has credit arrangements with some companies. In such cases, the patient must provide a letter of guarantee authorising payment of the tests or treatment to be carried out.

Are there any additional costs that I may incur?

Additional costs that you may incur, which are not covered by your medical invoice, are for example guest meals and telephone charges.

What should I bring with me when being admitted?

We would recommend that all patients bring night clothes, dressing gown and slippers. We do provide soap and shampoo but suggest you bring with you any other toiletries you may require during your stay. Please do not bring any valuables with you.

What is the Cambridge Heart Clinic’s smoking or mobile phone policy?

The Heart Clinic operates a strict no smoking or no mobile phone policy.

When are visiting times?

We operate an open visiting policy but prefer visitors to refrain from visiting between 12 noon and 2.00 pm each day as we encourage patients to benefit from a restful, peaceful period after lunch to aid their recuperation. Telephone enquiries are welcome at any time.