Pre-admission assessment

If you and your consultant decide that you will be admitted to the Cambridge Heart Clinic for a catheter laboratory procedure, it may be necessary to attend the Regents Park Suite (our outpatient department) for a pre-admission assessment.

The purpose of this assessment is to ensure that you are medically fit for the catheter laboratory procedure. It also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have or discuss any concerns.

You will be seen by an experienced pre-admission assessment nurse who will ask you a range of questions about your medical history. You will be asked to bring with you any medication you are currently taking and to come prepared to give a urine sample. This will all be confirmed in an appointment letter.

It may be necessary to carry out some routine tests and investigations at this appointment, such as an ECG, blood tests, x-rays, weight, height and blood pressure checks.

If it is found that you need any further investigations or monitoring prior to your procedure, your pre-admission assessment nurse will liaise with your GP.

After your pre-admission assessment, you will receive confirmation of your date of admission.