Arriving for admission

Once your date of admission is agreed, you will receive a letter of confirmation and instructions explaining what time you should arrive at the Cambridge Heart Clinic and what you should bring with you. You will also be informed if you need to fast prior to your catheter laboratory procedure. A relative or friend is welcome to accompany you upon admission.

When you arrive at the Heart Clinic, please report to reception. You will be greeted by a member of staff, who will show you to your room. They will then complete the necessary paperwork and introduce you to the facilities in your room. A guest services directory is available in all rooms which contains useful information about your stay.

Shortly after your arrival you will be visited by a nurse who will ask you a series of questions and explain what will happen when. This is a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Before your procedure you will be visited in your room by your consultant cardiologist.