Cambridge Heart Clinic celebrates its 5 year anniversary

The clinical and admin staff at the Cambridge Heart Clinic celebrated five years since the doors of the clinic first opened this week.

In five years, the Cambridge Heart Clinic has grown from zero to treating over 6,000 patients, winning a number of national awards for service innovation and quality and has firmly established itself as a patient focused independent cardiology service provider.

Dr. Ohri the CEO and founder of the clinic said: “Our underlying dream back in 2008 was to create a centre of excellence and the best private cardiology clinic in the county. Really – for me and the team – the journey feels like it has only just begun. Opening the clinic was the easy bit; what we are now working on is creating and maintaining the highest standards to become the best clinic in the UK. We have a long vision ahead and with our growing team of experts, we want to give our patients the perfect patient journey, right from their first phone call.”

Please join us as we celebrate our Five Year Anniversary on Thursday 29th August from 6:00-7:30 pm. Refreshments will be provided and all patients, relatives and staff are invited.