Patient Satisfaction Survey Report 2017

As part of Cambridge Heart Clinic’s commitment to quality we undertake a rolling survey of patient satisfaction.

Each patient undergoing a procedure receives a patient questionnaire once their episode of care is completed. Patients attending an outpatient consultation are also requested to complete the patient questionnaire after their appointment. We intentionally approach 100% of all new outpatients and around 30% of our follow-up outpatients on a regular basis.

We have a return rate of approximately 22%, this equates favourably with patient surveys conducted by other organisations.

The results are collated below in a report; all replies are anonymised however individual comments are followed up where appropriate or where a response has been requested.

The results of these surveys are considered by the Medical Advisory Committee and the Management Committee and improvement actions developed where identified. We see this survey as an important tool in involving patients in developing the care and improving the quality of the patient experience at Cambridge Heart Clinic. Copies are made available to all patients, staff and a copy is submitted to the Care Quality Commission as part of our ongoing quality review process.

The survey consisted of 9 questions:

  • 6 questions that asked the patient to rate specific aspects of the service
  • 1 question asking if the patient would recommend the Heart Clinic to others
  • 1 question asking for general comments or suggestions
  • 1 question asking how the patient has heard about the Heart Clinic

Scores were awarded using a scoring system out of 5:

  • 5 Very Satisfied
  • 4 Satisfied
  • 3 Neither
  • 2 Dissatisfied
  • 1 Very Dissatisfied

1. How satisfied were you with the car parking facilities?
Average: 4.94

2. How well were you treated by our staff?
Receptionists – Average: 4.91
Outpatient Staff – Average: 4.97
Nursing Staff – Average: 4.95
Consultant – Average: 4.96

3. How satisfied were you with the cleanliness of the Heart Clinic?
Average: 4.91

4. If applicable, how satisfied were you with the catering services?
Average: 4.52

5. How satisfied were you with the waiting room services?
Average: 4.85

6. Overall, how satisfied were you with the Heart Clinic?
Average: 4.96

Ratings for Survey Questions

7. Would you recommend our Heart Clinic to a relative or friend?

ResponseNumber of responses
Not sure0.5%

Would you recommend our Heart Clinic to a relative or friend?

8. Any further comments?
A random selection of comments is shown below:

‘Excellent service from all staff’

‘We were treated very well’

‘A rewarding experience!’

‘Staff friendly, waiting time good, nice’

‘A very relaxed atmosphere’

9. How did you hear about the Cambridge Heart Clinic?

FromNumber of responses

How did you hear about Cambridge Heart Clinic