Infection control

At the Cambridge Heart Clinic minimising the risk of healthcare-associated infection, including MRSA infection and Clostridium Difficile, for each patient is achieved through continuous vigilance, robust infection surveillance systems and ongoing training of staff at all levels in hospital hygiene. Our entire infection control procedures are supervised and reinforced by our experienced and dedicated Infection Control Nurses and Consultant Medical Advisers through a robust service level agreement with Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

This commitment to the highest quality standard has successfully kept the incidence of MRSA infection at very low levels.

Other factors that contribute to our high-quality record include:

  • Individual rooms with private en-suite facilities for all patients before and after any invasive cardiology procedure.
  • High nurse to patient ratios, increasing the time available for individual attention and ensuring the highest quality of care and hygiene.
  • On-site cleaning staff who work to high specifications of hygiene and cleanliness, available 24 hours every day to respond to any need that may arise.
  • A rapid and comprehensive room cleaning regime between the discharge of one patient and the admission of the next.

All patients admitted to the Cambridge Heart Clinic including day cases are screened for MRSA carriage.