Customer support team

The Cambridge Heart Clinic has a dedicated customer support team that aims to provide our patients with a smooth and stress-free experience. The team is organised to engage with patients and manage all the important issues involved in their outpatient investigations or inpatient treatment.

Before you come to our clinic, you should receive a Welcome Pack which states the date and time of your admission. The pack will also contain a Welcome Brochure which gives you details of what to bring with you, the hospital facilities and payment arrangements.

To see a copy of our Welcome Brochure click here.

Inpatient visiting hours are between 10 am and 10 pm but we will be as flexible as possible. Food is prepared to meet special dietary requirements and visitors can be catered for in the nearby Cafés in the main concourse of Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Our clinic has on-site interpreters and with reasonable notice, we can provide assistance in most languages.